Are you buying several gifts? Please make an order note with packing instructions in your shopping cart. 

Want to buy a gift?

Exchange deadline

We allow all Christmas gifts bought after the 18th of November to be exchanged until the 14th of January.

Gift exchange card

All orders placed after 18th of November will include a gift exchange card. Make sure to place the return label and gift exchange card along with the gift, so the receiver can be able to proceed with the return. We do not accept returns without this card or the order number.

Gift wrapping

We are not able to gift wrap your order, as we have a hectical time and our main priority is to offer the quickest delivery time as possible.

If you need the items in your order to be packed separately, it is important that you add an order note in your shopping cart with instructions.

When do I have to place my order for it to arrive before Christmas?

To receive your order before the 23rd of December, you have to make sure to place your order before the 17th of December.

How can I make a change on my order?

If you need to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible after the order is placed. We can not guarantee that we manage to cancel the order before it is shipped. We can not make a change to an order, the order must be cancelled and placed again if you wish to make any changes.  


Did you receive a gift?

Exchange deadline

We allow all Christmas gifts purchased at to be exchanged until 14th of January.

How to return my gift?

We only accept returns on items purchased at You need the gift exchange card or the order number to make a return.

You should have received the gift exchange card and a return label along with your gift. If not, please contact the person you received the gift from. We do not make returns without this card or order number from

If your items is purchased in store, the item must be returned in regards with the stores policy. We do not make returns on items bought in store.

Please fill out this form before you return the product(s). We need the gift exchange card along with your return. The shipping label is prepaid, so you can deliver the order at your closest DHL return point.

If you did not receive the shipping label, you are responsible for the return. We do not accept returns from couriers with deliveries outside our warehouse opening hours (9-17), such as Helt Hjem.

Please allow up to seven days before you hear from us, after the return was shipped.

What happens when you receive my return?

When we receive your package in return, we will send you an e-mail with a coupon code on the amount of the returned items, to be used at We do not return money for a gift exchange.