Accessories makes all the difference.

Many famous words has been said about accessories, but we believe that it is what makes the difference between having your own unique appearance, and from being one of many. Your choice of accessories tell a lot about your personality, and it is noticed by your surroundings.

Bon Dep is a family owned and operated company that have been designing, developing and manufacturing accessories for a decade now. We love accessories - it is our DNA.

We believe a big part of our success is our long-term perspective, our infinite quest and enjoyment of what makes a woman shine. Our focus on sustainability is about quality and longevity considerations for all our products. We believe this can contribute to reduce the amount of waste from the fashion industry.

We have an uncompromising commitment to our guiding principles - Bon (good in French) Dep (pretty in Vietnamise), which we are reminded of every day by our name and logo.

The beginning of Bon Dep was a result of running an interior- and lifestyle boutique for several years, mainly with a collection of interiorproducts. We have always been in love with those small things that you can spoil yourselves with, and therefore it was natural that hair accessories was adapted early in to our collections as well.


Bon Dep Essentials is our line of products that can carry and protect your beloved belongings. Your favorites deserve to be kept in a nice environment.

We create pouches, jewelry boxes, change trays, tote bags, eyemasks and more in our favorite Liberty fabrics and Belgian linen. We hand pick the different fabrics we use on our collections, dropping two times a year in a limited quantity.


Liberty fabrics are an original British design that has been in production since 1875. Today, every bolt of Liberty fabric is the result of a bespoke production process: hand drawn or painted by the in-house design team in London and transformed onto fabric at Liberty ́s own Italian printing mill,
near Lake Como.


Belgian linen is a unique product by the nature. Produced from the Flax plant grown in the special rich soil and mild North Sea climate between Caen in France and Amsterdam. Expertise and skills passed on for generations ensures the long and meticulous process from farmer to the woven fabrics. Known as the world ́s finest linen with its exceptional quality and wonderful color shadings.


We offer customization with embroidery on many of our Bon Dep Essentials products. Choose your favorite product, select the font, color and text you like. Place the order on our webshop or via one of our many resellers.


Bon Dep Icons is our line of hair accessories. With Icons we focus on bringing out the beautiful with a timeless design. We believe in true quality. All our hair accessories in acetate are made in France by people with high skills and long traditions of the craftmanship of the materials.

Many of our Icons are handmade, and we only use genuine Swarovski stones that are placed in position by hand.
We also make a wide range of Icons based on Liberty fabrics.


The Bon Dep Icons are made in France from cellulose acetate. The Icons are mold made, and then assembled by hand to true quality. Our hair clips models has a spring over mechanism for a exclusive look and feel. The material is scratch resistant and offers beautiful and long lasting quality.


We create and design hair bows, hair shrunks and hairbands made with the beautiful Liberty fabrics. Liberty fabrics are an original British design that has been in production since 1875. We hand pick the Liberty fabrics we use on our collections, dropping two times a year.


The Handmade Icons are also made with cellulose acetatate, and hand made to perfection by four steps. It includes laser cutting, heat bending, tumbler polising and then finally gluing and assembling the product. For the Icons with Swarovski stones, all stones are carefully placed to perfection by hand.